Tropical Dreams Diffuser Blend

TROPICAL DREAMS Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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Bright + Lightness

Add a couple drops of TROPICAL DREAMS essential oil diffuser blend to your favorite ultrasonic mister and let your mind drift to thoughts of sunshine and palm trees. 

TROPICAL DREAMS blend encourages feelings of optimism and soothes jagged nerves. This curated blend of pure essential oils refreshes and uplifts and ushers in a sense of brightness and lightness to your body and spirit.

  • Lime essential oil has a bright, tart, and refreshing aroma.
  • Green Mandarin essential oil is soothing and cheerful.
  • Neroli essential oil helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Ingredients: pure lime essential oil, pure green mandarin essential oil, pure neroli essential oil

Available in a 5 ml glass bottle