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Cinnamon + Ginger Essential Oil Pumpkin Chai Diffuser Blend

Cinnamon + Ginger Essential Oil Pumpkin Chai Diffuser Blend

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Warming + Cozy

Pumpkin Chai Diffuser Blend combines a variety of essential oils that will remind you of curling up next to a fire with a cup of pumpkin chai tea. Pumpkin chai tea is the inspiration for this fall seasonal blend.

Relax and enjoy this blend of oils that includes many fall fragrances including cinnamon and ginger essential oil.

  • Place a few drops in an Ultra Sonic Mister to improve your air quality and create a warming and cozy aromatherapy experience for everyone in your home.
  • Rub a few drops onto your wrists and neck to enjoy the fragrance all day.

Ingredients: pure wild orange essential oil, pure tangerine essential oil, pure benzoin essential oil, pure ginger essential oil, pure cinnamon essential oil, pure cardamom essential oil, pure sweet fennel essential oil

Available in a 5 ml glass bottle

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