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We Are The Wellnessed Boutique

We believe that taking care of your own, your family’s, or your student’s emotional well-being should be easy, convenient and safe. So we create all-natural and non-toxic aromatherapy and sensory tools for both children and adults.

We research and source all raw ingredients to ensure safety and quality so that you can feel good about your choice.

And with every sensory good you purchase, we donate an item to someone who needs the comfort and care of our sensory goods.


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We are four women who have been impacted by autism spectrum disorder to some degree in our lifetime. Susan has been an autism therapist for over 20 years. Lori works with her nephew who is on the spectrum. Anita is a special education teacher. And Dawn has worked in a home based program for her nephew. Through our experiences, we have come to understand the need to practice mindfulness, be present in the moment, and use tools and products that are good for those with sensitivities.

Wellnessed Team

Our products have been donated to several community organizations including schools and shelters through the kindness of several of our loyal customers over the last few years. We decided to make the commitment in 2021 to build on that idea. That’s why for every sensory product you purchase, we donate a sensory item on your behalf.


Our goal is to provide products that empower you with choices you can feel good about. You can have peace of mind that the ingredients are safe. The purpose of Wellnessed products is to help you feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions. We take the mystery out of using essential oils and aromatherapy in a thoughtful and powerful way so you can take of your emotional well-being.

For any questions or comments, please contact us at sales@wellnessedboutique.com or call 734.770.9265.