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Star Essence Sensory Tools Featured On Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support

We are excited to announce that our products are now available through the website: Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support. This website is managed by Jeanette Baker-Loftus to help support and give options for parents whose children have a sensory processing disorder. Jeanette’s daughter was diagnosed with SPD over nine years ago. Jeanette discovered she had few resources to learn about the disorder and didn’t know where to find a community to ask. So she began her own.

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Essential Oil Blends for Happy and Positive Emotions

The Wellnessed Boutique was created with a purpose. Part of that purpose was to empower our customers with choices they can feel good about. Our goal was to empower our community to have tangible methods to feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions. So we created blends based on the emotions we wanted our community and ourselves to feel. Happiness, contentment, joy. Those feelings are high on everyone’s list. We created several essential oil blends with the purpose of making you feel happy.

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Sleep Body Butters for a Peaceful Night of Rest

It seems that collectively as a society we have a sleep problem. Use sleep body butters in your bedtime routine. Most parents know this is important for children. The consistency of a routine prior to going to bed, tells the body and mind that it is time to rest and recharge. Applying a sleep butter to your neck, chest, feet as part of your wind down routine can help you in your quest for a good night of sleep.

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