Sleep Body Butters

Sleep Body Butters for a Peaceful Night of Rest

Sleep Body Butters

The story is familiar. I hear it from family, close friends, and many acquaintances. 

“I have trouble sleeping.” 

“I sometimes have insomnia.”

“I can’t quiet my mind at night… it keeps me up.”

“I’m so tired during the day because I don’t get restful sleep at night.”

“My child has trouble falling asleep.”

It seems that collectively as a society we have a sleep problem. 

Actions You Can Take to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

There are many different all natural avenues a person can explore to help them with getting a better night’s sleep. Some suggestions that have value:

  1. Watch what you eat.
  2. Make sure to exercise regularly.
  3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.
  4. Create a bedtime routine or wind down routine at bedtime.

All of these suggestions and a few others I found at HealthGuide have value. Depending on the severity of your sleep problem, you may need to try each tip or maybe just a few.

Use Sleep Body Butters in Your Bedtime Routine

I want to focus on number four: creating a bedtime routine.

Most parents know this is important for children. The consistency of a routine prior to going to bed, tells the body and mind that it is time to rest and recharge.

Applying a sleep butter to your neck, chest, feet as part of your wind down routine can help you in your quest for a good night of sleep.

How? I’m glad you asked.

Sleep Butters with Magnesium Oil and Soothing Essential Oils

In both our FORTY WINKS and NIGHTY NIGHT sleep butters, I have created a recipe of organic butters and oils along with a curated blend of pure essential oils. These essential oils have properties to help with relaxation and relieving anxiety and stress.

Both sleep butters contain magnesium oil. One of the many benefits of magnesium is improved sleep. Magnesium oil relaxes the GABA receptors in your brain and nervous system to promote the slow down you need in order to sleep. One of the best ways to get magnesium into the body is through the skin. Applying magnesium oil to the skin helps your body replenish cellular magnesium levels. 

Magnesium oil can sting or itch when applied to the skin so I have combined the magnesium oil in our sleep butters with skin nourishing organic shea butter and coconut oils.

I recommend applying to a small area on your little ones forearm first to make sure it’s comfortable for them. The oils in each butter also assist the brain and body in slowing down and relaxing so you or your little one can have a restful night of sleep.

FORTY WINKS Sleep Body Butter

FORTY WINKS is formulated with oils that I recommend for children ten years old to adults. This blend calms your mind with:

  • Sweet Marjoram essential oil which is especially helpful if you cannot get your brain to slow down or if your prone to obsessive thinking.
  • Patchouli essential oil helps to eliminate overthinking and worry. 
  • Neroli essential oil calms and soothes and relaxes your nerves. 


NIGHTY NIGHT Sleep Body Butter

NIGHTY NIGHT is diluted specifically to be safe for children as young as two years old. This blend is sweet and soothing with:

  • Lavender essential oil which creates a happy and relaxed feeling.
  • Vetiver essential oil which is soothing and creates a sense of peacefulness.

Applying the butter each night is a wonderful extension to your child’s bedtime ritual and will help your child relax and prepare them for a restful night’s sleep.


Thank you for being a part of the Wellnessed Living Community,

Susan Nelson

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