Collection: Essential Oil Rollerball Blends

Essential oil rollerball blends offer a convenient, effective way to enjoy the fragrance and emotional benefits of essential oils. Our rollerball blends provide a portable and easy-to-use way to give you the emotional boost you need when you need it.

Our rollerball bottles are small and sturdy, making them easy to carry in a purse, pocket, or bag. You can have your essential oils on hand whenever you need them, whether at work, traveling, or just out and about.

Why Use Essential Oil Rollerball Blends?

The rollerball applicator allows for quick, mess-free application. You can easily apply the oil blend to pulse points like wrists, temples, and, neck without worrying about spills or drips.

We pre-dilute each blend with all-natural fractionated coconut oil. It absorbs quickly into your skin allowing you to experience the aromatic benefits.

Wellnessed essential oil blends are formulated for specific purposes, such as stress relief, energy boosting, sleep support, or relaxation.

Apply to your pulse points, bottoms of feet, temples, and neck. Direct application to the skin offers a longer-lasting impact of each blend.