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Bliss Rollerball Blend

Bliss Rollerball Blend

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Apply Bliss rollerball blend to your pulse points before starting your day or to the bottom of your feet at night for a calm and content mindset. Our custom blend of 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils promotes relaxation and happiness.

Experience bliss with this perfect combination of lavender, frankincense, and wild orange essential oils. Our choice of fractionated coconut oil as a carrier ensures quick absorption and moisturization without interfering with the joyful aromatherapy experience.

Available in a 10 ml glass bottle, our Bliss rollerball blend offers an easy way to incorporate the blissful benefits of aromatherapy into your daily routine.

Wellness Benefits

Lavender essential oil promotes a sense of contentment.

Wild Orange essential oil gives you a sense of euphoria.

Frankincense essential oil provides a sense of peace and wellness.


pure lavender essential oil, pure wild orange essential oil, pure frankincense essential oil, fractionated coconut oil

How to Use

Gently roll the ball onto your skin, focusing on pulse points like the wrists, temples, behind the ears, the neck, or bottoms of feet. These areas help diffuse the oil’s aroma, enhancing its therapeutic benefits.

Another method is to roll the blend on the palm of your hands, make a “tent” with your hands over your nose and mouth, and deeply inhale through your nose.


Recommended for 10 years and older.

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