Collection: Aromatherapy Putty

Aromatherapy putty offers children and adults a fast and easy tool to help with emotional development and stress management. It is portable and compact, making it a convenient sensory and therapeutic tool anywhere and anytime.

Our therapeutic sensory putty is infused with hand-curated essential oil blends. Each blend is carefully designed to help with an emotional need.

Whether you’re looking for motivation to seize the day or aiming to ease stress and anxiety, the tactile experience of squeezing, pinching, and rolling our unique aromatherapy putty combined with the right aromatherapy blend will help.

Why Use Aromatherapy Putty for Emotional Well-being and Stress Relief?

Sensory putty is not just a playful toy; it improves fine motor skills. Activities like pinching, stretching, and rolling the putty can boost hand strength and coordination.

The tactile stimulation provided by our unique stress-relief putty can help sharpen focus and concentration. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD or autism, offering a sensory outlet that can help them concentrate better on tasks.

The act of kneading, stretching, and squeezing the putty is a calming activity, providing a physical outlet for stress and anxiety. Combined with one of our calming blends – Star Essence Relax or Calm Down – it becomes a powerful self-regulation tool for children and adults.

For children, especially those with sensory processing disorders, our aromatherapy sensory putty can be a valuable tool for tactile exploration. It can help them engage with their senses in a controlled manner, which can be therapeutic and educational.

Why Use Aromatherapy Putty for Creative Expression and Play?

Aromatherapy putty also serves as a creative outlet. Its malleable nature allows for endless possibilities in shaping and molding, encouraging creativity and play.

For individuals who need to fidget or have something in their hands while working or studying, our focus-enhancing sensory putty – Star Essence Focus or Getting Shit Done – provides a non-distracting outlet that allows you to maintain focus on your primary tasks.

Our goal is to provide products that empower you with choices for emotional health and well-being. You can have peace of mind that the ingredients are safe and designed for emotional balance.

The purpose of Wellnessed aromatherapy putty is to help you feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions, fostering mental clarity and relaxation.

We want to help you take the mystery out of using essential oils and aromatherapy. So you can take care of your emotional well-being.