Calm the F#ck Down Aromatherapy Putty
Calm the F#ck Down Aromatherapy Putty with Coloring Book

Calm Down Aromatherapy Putty

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Clarity + Balance

Knead, roll or pinch this all natural putty at the office, at home, while commuting to work or carpooling the kids. This curated blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to bring clarity to your mind and includes:

  • Wild Orange,
  • German Chamomile,
  • Ylang Ylang,
  • Cardamom

All raw materials used in Wellnessed Aromatherapy Putties are researched to ensure a safe, nontoxic sensory tool. Calm the F#ck Down essential oil blend is curated for adults and should not be used on anyone under 10 years of age.

Ingredients: organic white rice flour, cornstarch, kosher salt, cream of tartar, xanthum gum, fractionated coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, leucidal (natural preservative) pure wild orange essential oil, pure german chamomile essential oil, pure ylang ylang essential oil, pure cardamom essential oil

Available in a 4 ounce container.

Also available with the Calm the F*ck Down and Color Book. Makes a fun gift for the stressed out friend in your life.