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Green Mandarin + Clary Sage Essential Oil ZEN MAMA Rollerball Blend

Green Mandarin + Clary Sage Essential Oil ZEN MAMA Rollerball Blend

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Roll ZEN MAMA Rollerball Blend to the nape of your neck and on your wrists. Breathe in and experience a sense of peace and calm. Keep a rollerball in your office desk to apply when you need an emotional boost.

ZEN MAMA is a custom blend of pure essential oils that promote a sense of peace and emotional healing. 

This blend of oils is the perfect combo for your yoga and meditation time. Each oil was carefully selected to help support and encourage reflection and introspection.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is used as the carrier oil for the ZEN MAMA Rollerball blend, since it the same moisturizing benefits of virgin coconut oil and absorbs quickly into the skin, but is odorless and colorless. It does not distract from the feelings of peace, calmness and self-love this blend of oils offers you.

Ingredients: pure green mandarin essential oil, pure clary sage essential oil, pure frankincense essential oil, pure grapefruit essential oil, pure wild orange essential oil, fractionated coconut oil

Available in a 10 ml glass bottle

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