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Thyme + Douglas Fir Essential Oil CARPE F#CKING Diem Diffuser Blend

Thyme + Douglas Fir Essential Oil CARPE F#CKING Diem Diffuser Blend

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CARPE F#CKING Diem Diffuser Blend combines a unique blend of pure essential oils to boost your energy levels and restore your sense of self-confidence. Key essential oils used include:

  • Thyme essential oil with aromatherapy benefits that include increased energy and a reduction in stress levels.
  • Douglas Fir essential oil which reminds you of walking through a forest and helps to ease anxiety.
  • Tangerine essential oil to uplift your mood, soothe irritated nerves, and inspire creativity.
  • Ginger essential oil with its spicy aroma helps to motivate your mind and give you the courage to take on your day.

Together these quality oils produce a spicy, woody, and bright scent.

The oils in this blend are curated by Wellnessed Boutique’s aromatherapist, Susan Nelson, with the intention of fostering positive energy and promote confidence in yourself.

Ingredients: pure thyme essential oil, pure tangerine essential oil, pure douglas fir essential oil, pure ginger essential oil

Available in a 5 ml glass bottle

*Recommended ages 2 years old and up.

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