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Text-Based Communication Starter Kit for Apraxia and Autism

Text-Based Communication Starter Kit for Apraxia and Autism

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Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive Text-Based Communication Starter Kit, specially designed for individuals with Apraxia and Autism. This thoughtfully curated kit includes everything you need to start your text-based communication journey.

What’s included:

Tips and tricks from our two handsome guys – Andrew and Jakob

Gain valuable insights and practical tips for emotional regulation from Andrew and Jakob, two inspiring individuals who have successfully navigated their own communication journeys. Their personal experiences provide a unique perspective, offering strategies that have proven effective for them.

Wellnessed Aromatherapy and Sensory Tools

Integrate the calming effects of aromatherapy into your routine with our Wellnessed sensory regulation tools. The kit includes aromatherapy putty and inhalers, perfect for use during guided meditation or anytime your student needs emotional support. Follow the provided breathwork card for a powerful combination of aromatherapy and breathwork to alleviate anxiety and agitation.

Cards by Jakob – Jakob's Artistic Touch 

Enjoy a 2024 calendar showcasing Jakob’s remarkable artwork, along with a pouch of his favorite crystals. Each crystal comes with an explanation of its metaphysical properties. Keep these crystals close, whether in a fanny pack for on-the-go support or on a shelf at home to infuse your space with positive energy and love.

Instructional Guide from Autistically Inclined

Dive into the instructional guide from Autistically Inclined, which emphasizes purposeful choice-making in communication. This kit includes a step-by-step guide, a lesson companion for "Anatomy of Autism" by nonspeaker Diego Peña, a whiteboard, dry-erase marker, and eraser, providing all the tools necessary to start your text-based communication journey.

Why should you use our starter kit?

Holistic Support:

This starter kit offers a comprehensive approach to communication, addressing both the technical and emotional aspects. From expert tips and sensory tools to artistic inspiration and instructional materials, every component is designed to support your student’s unique needs.

Enhanced Emotional Regulation:

Utilize the combination of aromatherapy and breathwork to help your student manage anxiety and agitation, creating a calming environment conducive to effective communication.

Personalized Learning Experience:

With guidance from Andrew and Jakob, as well as tools from Autistically Inclined, this kit provides a personalized and relatable learning experience, making the journey toward text-based communication more accessible and meaningful.

Start your journey with the Text-Based Communication Starter Kit for Apraxia and Autism and discover the empowering benefits of text-based communication. This kit is more than just a set of tools; it's a pathway to connection, expression, and understanding.

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