Aromatherapy for Your New Year Goals

Aromatherapy for Your New Year Goals

Aromatherapy for your new year goals

Sometimes Your New Year Starts Out with a Bang and Sometimes a ... Meh

We are officially more than one full month into 2018!!  Not sure how your New Year started but mine was definitely with a resounding "meh?".  January 1st found me lying on the couch congested, running a fever and slipping in and out of consciousness.  On January 2nd my fever was gone, but I was still feeling awful. I spent the entire day on the couch binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix (highly recommend!). By January 3rd, I was feeling much better but had really gotten comfortable with my spot on the couch and I still needed to finish Stranger Things Season 2 so... what was I supposed to do? Get up? Not yet. And so the days of January started slipping by and I wasn't feeling sick anymore, but also wasn't feeling particularly motivated either.

Relish Slowing Down

For much of the first half of January I felt pretty "meh".  As I scrolled through Facebook and Instagram and would see other people's motivational and inspirational posts about their resolutions, my gut reaction was "oh f*ck off!". So there I sat for the first few weeks of 2018. In fact, I kind of relished my "meh" mood. I didn't judge myself for feeling unmotivated. I thoroughly enjoyed slowing down and giving myself a break.

Allow Yourself Time to Dream

Until one day I decided I had had enough. I started making plans and getting excited for all the adventures that 2018 will bring. I'm excited for the new products that we are making this year. I'm excited for the new shows we plan to participate in. I'm excited to find new ways to introduce more people to Wellnessed and our mission to bring our Wellnessed Community health and beauty products that will bless you and your families with wellness. And I'm excited for the personal goals I have set for myself which include to lose weight and take more control of my own health and well-being. 

Aromatherapy for your New Year Goals

However your New Year is starting out, with a "meh" or a bang, we have some aromatherapy blends to match it! Or to help you change it, if that is what you choose. 

Aromatherapy for Seizing the Day

Feel like seizing the day? And still have fun? Choose our aromatherapy blend Carpe F#cking Diem. This blend is available with a journal, so here is a suggestion on how to use to create some mindfulness in your day while you create some new year goals:

1. Set aside some time, even if it is only 10 - 15 minutes, where you can be alone.
2. Put a few drops of the Carpe F#cking Diem blend in your diffuser. This blend contains Tangerine essential oil, which is know for its uplifting and energizing aromatic properties and Douglas Fir essential oil, which produces a fresh and inviting aromatic experience.
3. Spend a minute or two breathing in the fragrance of the diffused oils deeply and just allow yourself to enjoy this quiet moment.
4. Open your journal and make a list of the areas in your life that are most important to you. Maybe you have been thinking about starting your own business? Or you want to take that dream vacation to Hawaii? Just write down your thoughts without overthinking them during this time.
5. Take time to do this reflecting on what you want for yourself on a regular basis. You are setting intentions or goals for yourself. You will be surprised when you look back at your journal a year from now and how many of these intentions have manifested in your life.

Aromatherapy for Creating Bliss in Your Day-to-Day

You have set your intentions or goals for the new year. Maybe one was to be more positive in your day-to-day life? To increase feelings of happiness and joy reach for our Bliss blend of essential oils.

Bliss was created with the intention of promoting feelings of relaxation and happiness. For more information on what ingredients and essential oils make up the Bliss Body Collection, please see this article: Bliss Body Collection - Created to Make Us Happy.

Diffusing the Bliss Blend is one way to infuse your day with Lavender, Wild Orange, and Frankincense essential oils. But you can also take your aromatherapy with you with the Bliss Rollerball. Simply roll the blend of essential oils blended with fractionated coconut oil onto your wrists, back of your neck and behind your ears. You will resonate feelings of relaxation and happiness wherever your life takes you that day.

Aromatherapy for Getting Shit Done

After setting your intentions or overarching goals for the new year, you will need to break those down into weekly and/or daily actions you can take to reach them. So drop some Getting Shit Done blend in your diffuser and use the handy notebook included in the gift set. The note book is created specifically for you to list out your daily action items.

The Getting Shit Done blend is made with Eucalyptus essential oil, which creates a cooling and refreshing effect, is a stimulant so it helps lift tiredness or mental sluggishness and is rejuvenating. So you can tackle your to-do list.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Wellnessed! And happy goal setting while you refresh and energize with the benefits of Aromatherapy!

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