The Bliss Body Collection created to make us happy

The Bliss Body Collection created to make us happy

Bliss is a noun meaning supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.

Supreme happiness is the sensation we have attempted to create through the power of aromatherapy with the Wellnessed Boutique's Bliss Collection.

In fact, before Lori, Anita and I even decided we wanted to start a business, we put together the Bliss Blend. We wanted a scent that we could relax to after a stressful day of teaching for Anita, or a long day of driving for myself, since I travel extensively in my business as child facilitator for autistic children. Lori often diffuses the Bliss Diffuser Blend in her home office as she spends a lot of time talking with parents who are going through an intense and stressful time when researching how to provide help for their young children. For the many and various reasons life can sometimes cause stress in your life, we created Bliss to help with unwinding and calming our minds.

In short, we created the Bliss Line of Beauty Products because we wanted a scent that promoted feelings of relaxation and happiness.  We use a custom blend of Lavender, Wild Orange and Frankincense. Lavender promotes relaxation and contentment. Wild Orange promotes feelings of euphoria and happiness. Frankincense is called the King of Essential Oils because it promotes feelings of peace and wellness.

Bliss Body Shea Butter

We did extensive research to find the cleanest raw materials for the all the products in our Bliss Collection. We use certified organic whenever possible because we wanted to create products that we are certain to be free of toxins and provide the most benefits.

We even choose to package our products in glass bottles because we didn't want the toxins from plastics contaminating the pure ingredients in each of products.

The Bliss Body Butter contains Certified Organic Shea Butter which is good for eczema, dry skin, stretch marks.

Shea butter is obtained from the natural fat of the fruit of the karite tree. It is widely used as a moisturizer and makes a wonderful choice for use in just about any formulation that comes to mind.  This is one of the "softer" textured butters -- so it melts easily upon skin contact.  This shea butter has not undergone any refining techniques, which means it stills holds 100% of its natural, skin-healing benefits. It has a wonderful creamy-smooth texture with a beautiful olive-yellow hue.

We source this butter from a "fair trade" organization which means the small-time farmers are paid a fair price for the time they put into making their products.  The making of shea butter is quite a labor intensive process.  First, the nuts are hand pressed, then the oils are cooked over a fire, being stirred constantly. It is eventually poured and allowed to cool.

Because this butter has not been refined, it does hold its natural "woodfire scent" which some find displeasing, and others (like me!) love it.  During the refining process the color and scent are removed, creating a white, scent free butter.  But what goes out with the scent and color, is also a lot of skin loving nutrients. Unrefined shea butter is used as a mild sunscreen aide, whereas refined shea butter no longer holds those benefits.

Try using this product directly on your skin ... it works great for stretch marks, extremely dry skin, eczema, and oh the list just goes on and on!

Bliss is one of our favorite essential oils blends and when we use any of the products that contain it, soap, body butter, rollerball blend, etc., it makes us feel happy. 

Bliss handmade soap Bliss Sugar Scrub

*This statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose and treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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