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Star Essence FOCUS Body Butter

Star Essence FOCUS Body Butter

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Peppermint + Clary Sage Essential Oil

Apply FOCUS Body Butter and nourish your skin with organic and all natural shea butter and cocoa butter. The FOCUS Blend of essential oils are emotionally grounding and will help you relax yet concentrate. 

Wellnessed Boutique’s aromatherapist, Susan Nelson, curates each oil to ensure it safe and helpful for children. The FOCUS blend provides a sense of relaxation combined with the ability to maintain concentration.

  • Clary Sage oil promotes a sense of well being and relaxation.
  • Cypress essential oil is grounding and helps with emotional stability.
  • Peppermint Oil improves memory and alertness.

Ingredients: certified organic coconut oil, certified organic shea butter, certified organic cocoa butter, fractionated coconut oil, beeswax, cornstarch, clary sage essential oil, cypress essential oil, peppermint essential oil

Available in a glass half ounce trial size and a glass 4 ounce full size.

Recommended for ages 5 years and older.

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