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Unwind Rollerball

Unwind Rollerball

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Roll Unwind rollerball blend onto the nape of your neck and on your wrists and breathe in to experience a sense of calm and relaxation. Unwind rollerball blend is a curated blend of 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils including ylang ylang, cedarwood, clary sage, and green mandarin.

These oils work in harmony to foster feelings of peace, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a balanced emotional state. The carrier oil of fractionated coconut oil ensures quick skin absorption without leaving residue behind, making it ideal for use anytime you need a moment of calm.

Unwind rollerball is perfect for those looking to enhance their bedtime routine or needing a mid-day mood lift. Available in a 10 ml glass bottle, its compact size allows for easy transportation, ensuring access to tranquility wherever you go.

Wellness Benefits

Ylang Ylang essential oil increases feelings of happiness and can help you with letting go of unhealthy negative emotions.

Cedarwood essential oil helps to create emotional balance. It has a grounding and calming effect on the body and mind.

Clary Sage essential oil contains properties that lower stress hormones. It creates feelings of confidence and relaxation.

Green Mandarin essential oil helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It promotes feelings of peace and calm.


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How to Use

Gently roll the ball onto your skin, focusing on pulse points like the wrists, temples, behind the ears, the neck, or bottoms of feet. These areas help diffuse the oil’s aroma, enhancing its therapeutic benefits.

Another method is to roll the blend on the palm of your hands, make a “tent” with your hands over your nose and mouth, and deeply inhale through your nose.


Avoid during pregnancy, this blend contains cedarwood oil.

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