Wellnessed Skin Care System

Wellnessed Skin Care Review

All Natural, Organic and Toxic-Free Skin Care

We are so excited about the review from Bianca @bianca_beatz5150 on Instagram. She reviews many beauty products and we are grateful for the time she took to try out the Wellnessed Skin Care System.

Check out her and her daughter's experience with our 3-Step Skin Care System:

Wellnessed Skin Care Review 

Happy Fri-yay my sweets! What's on the line-up for today? Oh, just one of my favorite indie-brands....(@thewellnessedboutique ). The Wellnessed Boutique produces organic aromatherapy and sensory goods that nourish your body and mind. My Mom stole my Bliss Body Butter when the gang came to visit and to be honest, I don't blame her (because it's the best). Anywho, we are here to talk about their brand spanking new skincare line formulated for acne-prone, oily and mature skin types. This was fun because since it's all natural, organic and toxic-free, I felt completely safe testing with my tween-aged daughter who unfortunately is experiencing the dreaded pimple years. Her skin was calmed and polished from the first use and since then has effectively begun healing her delicate skin by purging the gunk. I'm personally infatuated with the cleansing powder. I dig the concept + it can double as a mask and who doesn't love a multifunctional product right? I wasn't surprised that I enjoyed this regimen because everything Wellnessed puts out is a WIN. Thank you for letting us try your fantastic new line! Our skin luvs ya for it!!! 💙💯 . ⬅️Swipe left to view complete skincare system . Each skincare system consists of a 3 step process. . 1️⃣ Cleansing Powder: Gently and effectively cleans, exfoliates, purifies, heals, stimulates, brightens and strengthens the skin with powerful ingredients like Fullers Earth Clay, French Yellow Clay, activated charcoal, oats, essential oils, honey, carrot seed oil and more. .


Wellnessed Skin Care Review


2️⃣ Toned Rosewater Mist: Tones, soothes, cleans and prepares your skin to drink in the benefits of step 3. .


Wellnessed Skin Care Review


3️⃣ Serum: (Nourished Skin Serum for Acne-Prone and Oily Skin or Anti-Aging Nourished Skin Serum) strengthens the skin, improves elasticity, deeply moisturizes and helps reduce scarring and balances oil production . #wellnessed #pr #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaretips #greenbeauty #skincaresystem #rosewater #toner #cleansingpowder #cleansing #serum #serums #clay #aromatherapy #bodycare #bodyproducts #nourishyourskin #toxinfree #toxinfreebeauty

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