Wellnessed Aromatherapy Mobile Shop

Wellnessed Aromatherapy Mobile Shop

Wellnessed Aromatherapy Mobile Shop

On July 8th, Wellnessed Boutique was a first time exhibitor at the Shed Flea 5, Eastern Market, Detroit. . . And it was awesome!

We arrived to a market buzzing with activity. The energy of the vendors setting up was contagious. The savory and sweet fragrances drifting from many food trucks was mouthwatering. While the sounds of musicians tuning various instruments created a party atmosphere. The mood was festive.

Food Trucks and Entrepreneurs

Food trucks offering sandwiches, beignets, cupcakes, and pasta. Produce stands piled with fresh peaches, cherries, zucchini, cucumbers, and green beans were set up between the sheds - no chance of leaving hungry!  We enjoyed a sandwich from the Hero or Villain Detroit Food Truck.  (I recommend the Thor Sandwich.)

One of my favorite market experiences was walking around and chatting with the other vendors. Meeting other entrepreneurs putting their creative efforts out there for the world to enjoy recharges my own creative spirit.

We spent time talking with a vendor we met at a previous event, “Jacq of All Trades”. She creates the most amazing pet portraits! Shhhh… don’t tell my husband, I’m ordering a portrait of his beloved goldendoodle, George, for his birthday this year.

Wellnessed Boutique George

Wellnessed Aromatherapy Mobile Shop

Artists are set up inside and outside the Shed. (You can find us inside Shed 5.) I loved seeing the creative displays. We strolled by revamped vintage campers repurposed as mobile shops. I can envision a Wellnessed Aromatherapy mobile shop in our future! How fun would that be? We’d be the best smelling camper ever!

The market shoppers definitely had a sense of humor. Our gift sets, Getting Shit Done and F#CK OFF I’m Meditating Aromatherapy sets, were best sellers.

Wellnessed Aromatherapy Mobile Shop

The Shed 5 Flea keeps growing bigger and adding more vendors so I can’t wait to go back on August 12th and see what’s new. Hope to see you there too!

You can always check on our Where to Find Us page to see where we will be next.

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