Star Putty Sensory Tool for Sensitive and Special Needs Children

Star Putty Sensory Tool for Sensitive and Special Needs Children

As a child facilitator for children on the autism spectrum, I have spent a lot of time creating games and tools to use in the special playrooms or therapy rooms their parents create in order to help them learn how to socialize, communicate and express themselves to other people.

Star Putty

Oftentimes, I create these games or tools specific to a child's interests and needs. I had one little girl who loved Harry Potter, which I happily share in her enthusiasm, so it was a joyful process for me to come up with a variety games based on the characters, plots, and settings of these books. Putting a focus on what interested this child, even if repeated many times, helped to draw her out and encourage interaction.

Throughout my years working with these special needs children, I have incorporated essential oils that have been proven to be beneficial for those with autism spectrum disorder. I have also created tactile tools or games that each child can manipulate. These sensory tools have been created with the awareness that children with autism often have multiple sensory sensitivities - food allergies, hyper-sensitivity to smells, sounds, and visual stimuli. This has forced me to be extremely selective in the materials I choose when creating this playroom tools and games.

A sensory tool I developed and now have made available on the Wellnessed Boutique website is called Star Putty! This is part of our Star Essence Collection, which is specifically created for children with sensory challenges.

Star Putty

I have researched the raw materials used to create each Star Putty to ensure it is safe, non-toxic and does not cause a negative reaction. These ingredients include Certified Organic White Rice Flour, Certified Organic Cornstarch, Kosher Salt, Cream of Tartar, and a blend of carefully chosen and researched essential oil blends. Each blend combines specific essential oils to assist each child for a specific purpose.

Your child can pinch, pull, squeeze and soothe nervous energy or anxiety while they absorb the 100% pure essential oils through their skin or through their sense of smell.

Star Essence Energy Blend contains Citrus Oils for their uplifting and energizing qualities. Along with Frankincense Essential Oil for its mood balancing properties.  (Just one of the AMAZING benefits of Frankincense Oil)

Energy Star Putty 

Star Essence Awesome Blend contains a blend of Spearmint, Lemongrass, Geranium, Cypress and Frankincense Essential Oils.  These oils work together to provide a grounding and balancing effect on the mind and body.  This is an excellent blend for those who are having trouble sitting still and feeling focused.

Awesome Star Putty

Star Essence Focus Blend is a combination of Peppermint, which helps to maintain focus and concentration, Rosemary, which has been shown to improve memory, and Clary Sage which is a great mood balancer!

Focus Star Putty

Star Essence Relax Blend combines Wild Orange, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense Essential Oils.  This combination is so good for helping to calm an anxious mind!

Relax Star Putty

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