Star Essence Sensory Tools Featured On Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support

Star Essence Sensory Tools Now Featured on Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support


We are excited to announce that our products are now available through the website: Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support.

This website is managed by Jeanette Baker-Loftus to help support and give options for parents whose children have a sensory processing disorder. Jeanette’s daughter was diagnosed with SPD over nine years ago. Jeanette discovered she had few resources to learn about the disorder and didn’t know where to find a community to ask. So she began her own.

Since starting her website nine years ago, it has become a refuge for parents who have children with SPD. They have found it to be a safe place to find support, ask questions, and become acquainted with other families who have a family member with this special need.

Sensory Processing Disorder Definition

What is Sensory Processing Disorder? 

Sensory processing disorder is a neurological disorder that affects how the brain processes information coming in through the senses - sight, smell, touch, sound, and smell. Generally, children and adults who have SPD feel over stimulated by their environments in some way. 

Examples of Sensory Processing Disorder

  • A child with SPD could feel pain from a tag on their clothing or may complain their clothes are too scratchy or itchy.
  • An infant or child may gag or refuse to eat food with certain textures.
  • Loud noises, such as a lawn mower or leaf blower, can cause a child to hide or even feel sick to their stomach.

Sensory processing disorders are usually diagnosed in children, but can affect adults as well. In fact, Jeanette speaks to how she also has SPD, but didn’t know that’s what it was until her daughter was diagnosed.

For more information on what sensory processing disorder is and how to recognize the signs that your child may be on the SPD spectrum, please visit Jeanette’s website: What is SPD.

Wellnessed Sensory Tools for Sensory Processing Disorder

A few of the items that we at Wellnessed Boutique have created to help children with different sensory processing disorders include:

Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad


Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad


 The use of a weighted lap pad can help reduce anxiety, provide a sense of calmness, and help a child sleep. You can increase the benefits of the weighted lap pad when you combine the aromatherapy benefits of Star Essence Relax or FOCUS Blend with it. A small pocket on the Star Essence Lap Pad contains a felt pad that can be recharged with the essential oil blend of your choice.

Star Essence FOCUS blend is an easy and wonderful way to produce a sense of calmness when your child needs it.

Star Essence Relax blend helps to calm the mind and is helpful with situational anxiety.

The weighted lap pad is portable and is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Learn More about the Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad


Star Essence Aromatherapy Putty


Your child can knead, roll or pinch our Star Essence all natural putty to help with creating a sense of calm and reduce tension. This type of sensory therapy can help children with sensory processing disorder overcome tactile fears or sensitivity.

Star Essence Energy Aromatherapy Putty
The Energy blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to produce an energizing calm.
Star Essence Awesome Aromatherapy Putty
The Awesome blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to relax and uplift.
Star Essence FOCUS Aromatherapy Putty
The FOCUS blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to produce a sense of balance and improves alertness.
Star Essence Relax Aromatherapy Putty
The Relax blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to promote relaxation and minimize anxiety.
Star Essence Aromatherapy Putty Testimonial


We have also developed a variety of aromatherapy and sensory play items that are safe, non-toxic, and fun. These include bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and plush moon and star fidgets.


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