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LUMINOUS Collection | A Sensual and Warming Aromatherapy Blend

Luminous Collection

Luminous Collection is a group of aromatherapy and natural skin care products made with one common factor - our unique Luminous Essential Oils Blend. Luminous has become a staple and favorite essential oil blend for many of our customers. It has been described as hippie with a softer edge. Hippie, I suppose, since it contains patchouli oil. Softer because it is blended with other oils which helps blunt the intensity of this strong oil. The scent has also been described as earthy from some of our repeat customers.

We created this essential oil blend because we wanted a group of aromatherapy goods that were both warming and sensual. This aromatherapy blend does the job.

We decided on these core therapeutic grade essential oils for our Luminous recipe:

Sandalwood Essential Oil

We fell in love with this oil right away and knew we wanted to incorporate it into a custom aromatherapy blend. Its fragrance is exotic, sweet and woody. The oil is derived from the sandalwood tree creating the woody and earthy scent.

We researched the history of sandalwood essential oil and loved the fact that it rooted in the history of India’s spiritual practice and traditional medicine. In the Hindu religion sandalwood essential oil was used during mediation to help keep the mind focused. In Ayurveda, India’s holistic health system, sandalwood oil is used for treating a variety of mental disorders since its fragrance has a calming effect on the mind.

Sandalwood’s fragrance is also considered an aphrodisiac. So there is that. Which may have played a small factor in using this essential oil in our Luminous Blend.

It is also good for your skin. Providing moisturizing and nourishing benefits for dry and dehydrated skin. A no brainer decision for our Sugar Scrub and Body Butter products. We also included Mica in our body butter to give your skin a little glimmer. So moisturizing, calming and an aphrodisiac… you may want to order a few jars!

Luminous Body Butter

Vetiver Essential Oil

While sandalwood essential oil fragrance is exotic and woody, vetiver is grassy with a touch of lemon. It comes from the vetiver plant roots which grow very deep causing this essential oil to have a grounding effect. The aromatherapy benefits include a sense of being centered, solid, and balanced.

We found vetiver essential oil very appealing for its aromatherapy benefits of keeping you rooted in the present moment. Producing a feeling of being in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Wow! Who doesn’t want a sense of harmony with themselves? I recommend using our Luminous Rollerball, which is small and very portable, apply and reapply as needed throughout the day to keep calm and centered.

Not only does this little powerhouse essential oil have all these wonderful aromatherapy benefits, it also is another oil that is nourishing for your skin. The oil’s properties help with moisturizing your skin. Another reason to use our Luminous body scrub and body butter.

Luminous Sugar Scrub

Patchouli Essential Oil

A another critical essential oil in our Luminous Blend is Patchouli. Patchouli is what gives Luminous Blend its hippie appeal. (For some of us here at Wellnessed it reminds us of Grateful Dead concerts!)

We decided to include patchouli essential oil in Luminous Blend for several of its aromatherapy qualities. Patchouli oil uplifts your mood, relaxes tension and relieves feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness. According to, when you inhale patchouli essential oil, it stimulates pleasure hormones in your body and mind, causing negative feelings to dissipate.

This is another oil that claims to be an aphrodisiac. It blends beautifully with the other oils and keeps Luminous true to its mission of being a sensual and warming aromatherapy blend. Try a few drop of our Luminous diffuser blend in a one of our aromatherapy ultrasonic diffusers in your bedroom to spice up your bedtime routine.

Patchouli Oil is another essential oil that is wonderful for your skin since it has properties that soothes inflammation and irritation. Making this blend perfect for our skin care products.

Sensual and Warming Essential Oil Blend

Sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli are the core essential oils that make up our signature Luminous Blend, but I want to give a shout out to benzoin essential oil, which we added to lend a warm honey vanilla scent. And cinnamon essential oil which we added to provide a slight warming sensation.

We love Luminous Blend! We hope that you will give it a try. If you already love and use a Luminous Collection product, we hope you will leave a review either on our Facebook page or on our Google page. Please pass on the good news about Luminous!

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