Living a Wellnessed Life

Living a Wellnessed Life - New Adventures in Detroit

Living a Wellnessed Life

Living a Wellnessed Life 

Summer is the perfect season to relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Nurturing ourselves and our relationships is an important part of living a Wellnessed Life.

Making a deliberate choice and taking action to spend time with the people you love. Being present and enjoying their company.

 Wellnessed Life


1. being blessed with wellness

2. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to live our own Wellnessed philosophy, so we decided to take a break from our work lives and try a new adventure together. In my last article about the Shed 5 Flea at Eastern Market, I discussed how exciting it is that Detroit is making a comeback, especially with the recent announcement of Ford Motor Company investing in the old Michigan Central Station. We decided to celebrate Lori's birthday in the Motor City supporting the local businesses and getting to know Detroit on two wheels instead of four.

Yoga, Bike and Brunch in Corktown

We attended The Collective at True North’s Yoga, Bike and Brunch Event. It rained lightly on and off during our bike adventure, but that only added to the uniqueness of the experience. The morning started with a yoga warm up session. There is no better way to start your day then with yoga practice! I usually spray my yoga mat with my Energy Refresher from our Star Essence Collection to get my morning started. The yoga guides at The Collective are amazing. I highly recommend checking out one of their yoga sessions if you live near Detroit or if you are in the area for while.

After getting centered and warming up our bodies and minds, we hopped on our bikes and had a guided tour through Corktown. (This is the area of Detroit that the train station is located, so it will be interesting to see how it evolves over the next few years.)

As we biked through the neighborhood we could see a lot of Detroit’s history and it’s future.  We saw blocks vacant and overgrown. Many houses had been torn down over the years. We also saw construction of new homes in progress and homes that were in the process of being rehabilitated and brought back to life.

New Adventures in Detroit

The area near the train station was bustling as it was the highly anticipated re-opening after being purchased by Ford. The station was originally opened in 1913 and was modeled after New York’s Grand Central Station. It closed in 1988 and became a towering symbol of Detroit’s demise. So wonderful to see so many people out, even in the rain, to be a part of it’s comeback! As we biked over the cobblestone streets near the station we could see our destination for brunch, Takoi!

We ended with a delicious brunch at Takoi. A small Thai inspired restaurant on Michigan Ave. This restaurant began as a food truck, opened as a restaurant in 2016, was a victim of arson in 2017, but rebuilt and reopened six months later. That is Detroit spirit! Our food was amazing.

We started with cold brew coffees from Detroit’s Bikes and Coffee!  They were our guides on our bike tour and their cold brew coffee was wonderful!! Located in Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood, Bikes & Coffee provides full service and repair for all types of bicycles. And their coffee is all small batch, single origin and fairly sourced.  

After our coffee, we enjoyed homemade yogurt and fresh fruit with granola. I’ll be honest the only food I recognized after that was the roasted sweet potatoes (excellent) and a delicious dish that reminded us of grits or porridge, served with a soft boiled egg, cilantro, and roasted peppers.  I may not know what it was called, but I know it tasted good!! One of the peppers was very spicy! (Thanks Anita for taking the first bite and letting us know:)

We enjoyed our time together and trying a new experience so much, that we decided to make it a more regular event. It is so easy to get stuck in our same old routines and although I love my routine, it does feel good to get out and try new places and adventures.

We hope you find time to nurture yourself and your relationships with new adventures together. I think you will find it time well spent.

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