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Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad
Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad
Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad with FOCUS Essential Oil Blend

Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad

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Calming + Grounding Sensory Tool

A Star Essence Weighted Lap Pad is a wonderful sensory tool created to assist children who are sensitive to sensory stimulation. The weighted lap pad is helpful for children with sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and for situational anxiety. 

The weight and texture, combined with the Star Essence aromatherapy essential oil blends, Focus Blend or Relax Blend, create a calming and grounding effect. The textural stars on the front of the Hemp Fur Star variation also gives the student or child something to fidget with.

Carefully Selected + Organic Materials

Each weighted lap pad is made from luxurious organic cotton velvet, extremely soft, begging-for-touch fabric. And it can be easily removed from the weighted component for washing. The 100% organic hemp "fur" star has been stitched onto the front of the lap pad case and serves two purposes.

  • A velcro enclosure opens and inside the star is a felt pad where you can add one of the Star Essence essential oil blends, such as the Focus Blend or the Relax Blend.
  • The "fur" stars provide an extra sensory tool for the student or child to fidget with.

The inner pad is constructed from 100% cotton flannel and lined with organic cotton batting. It can be cleaned in the washing machine when needed. The weight comes from the natural crushed rock and has been weighed and evenly distributed throughout the pad.

Available with the fur stars or without.

Each weighted lap pad weighs 3 lbs.