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Star Essence Awesome Aromatherapy and Sensory Gift Basket
Star Essence Focus Aromatherapy and Sensory Gift Basket
Star Essence Energy Aromatherapy and Sensory Gift Basket
Star Essence Relax Aromatherapy and Sensory Gift Basket

Star Essence Aromatherapy and Sensory Gift Basket

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Sensory Tools + Aromatherapy

Your little ones will enjoy the self regulation tools combined with the Star Essence essential oil blends. You will enjoy ease of giving this thoughtful gift which comes packaged in a Christmas themed basket.

Each basket comes with:

  • A Star Essence Star or Moon Sensory Fidget - handmade from plush organic  velvet fabric and filled with flax or crushed stone. 
  • An aromatherapy refresher mist so your child can recharge their fidget. Gently shake the refresher mist bottle to mix the essential oil blend and spritz onto the surface of the fidgets. A measured amount of rubbing alcohol is included in the refresher blend in order help eliminate bacteria and germs on the sensory tools. 
  • Star Essence Aromatherapy Putty - Let your child knead, roll or pinch this all natural putty to help calm and reduce tension. The blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to produce an energizing calm, focus and concentration, good feelings of awesomeness or relaxation.
  • A Star Essence rollerball blend - simply roll on wrists, necks or other pulse points to give an aromatherapy boost.


Available in each of the Star Essence Blends:

Energy - invites happiness and positive energy for your child.

Awesome - a powerful mix of essential oils that stimulate mental clarity, invite comfort and uplifts.

Focus - provides a sense of relaxation combined with the ability to maintain concentration. 

Relax - will help your child stay relaxed during times of tension.