CLEANSED Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser

CLEANSED | Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser

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French Yellow Clay + Organic Honey Powder

CLEANSED anti-aging facial cleanser is a daily cleanser and a weekly detoxifying mask. The all natural and non toxic ingredients pull toxins from pores to strengthen skin, improve tone and reduce the appearance fine lines.  

French Yellow Clay - suitable for all skin types - most beneficial for mature and sensitive skin - gently pulls toxins from your skin and stimulates circulation to leave skin toned and soft.

Organic Honey Powder - provides antioxidants to help slow down aging process.

    Pure Essential Oils + Anti-Aging Skin Care

    CLEANSED anti-aging facial cleanser and mask includes pure essential oils selected for their distinct properties to deeply clean and brighten skin.

    • Frankincense - strengthens skin and improves tone and elasticity
    • Helichrysum - reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Carrot Seed - high in antioxidants and vitamin e and c
    • Lavender - contains antifungal and antibacterial properties
    • Geranium - reduces inflammation
    • Myrrh - contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

    Ingredients: yellow french clay, buttermilk powder, organic honey powder, raw demarara sugar, organic oats, frankincense pure essential oil,helichrysum pure essential oil, carrot seed pure essential oil, lavender pure essential oil, myrrh pure essential oil, geranium pure essential oil

    Available in a 4 ounce glass jar