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Carpe Diem Aromatherapy Gift Sets

Carpe Diem Aromatherapy Gift Sets

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Gift Set

Aromatherapy + Motivation

Seizing the day can be hard, but don't worry, there's an essential oil blend to help! Carpe F#cking Diem! The blended pure essential oils include:

  • Tangerine - reduces tension
  • Douglas Fir - provides focus and clarity
  • Ginger - relieves anxiety
  • Thyme - stimulates circulation

Carpe Diem Aromatherapy Gift Sets

The Aromatherapy Diffuser Gift Set gives you or a loved one what you need to  chart seize the day!

  • A gorgeous journal from Calligraphuck with gold foil stamped Calligraphy on the front and metallic ink throughout, the perfect place to record your thoughts, feelings, and ideas for seizing the day (or at least an hour)!
  • Carpe F#cking Diem Custom Blend of Essential Oils - designed to give you the courage to try out your most daring ideas!

Essential Oil Rollerball Blend + Journal Gift Set

  • The Carpe Diem Journal
  • A rollerball blend of the Carpe Diem essential oil blend with fractionated coconut oil. Have your Aromatherapy for Motivation with you for whenever you need it.

Aromatherapy Putty + Journal Gift Set

  • The Carpe Diem Journal
  • Carpe F#cking Diem Aromatherapy Putty - All natural putty to knead, roll or pinch. Put yourself in the right state of mind as you start your day. This essential oil blend infused in the putty increases positive energy.
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