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Essential Oil Blends for Happy and Positive Emotions

The Wellnessed Boutique was created with a purpose. Part of that purpose was to empower our customers with choices they can feel good about. Our goal was to empower our community to have tangible methods to feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions. So we created blends based on the emotions we wanted our community and ourselves to feel. Happiness, contentment, joy. Those feelings are high on everyone’s list. We created several essential oil blends with the purpose of making you feel happy.

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Star Putty Sensory Tool for Sensitive and Special Needs Children

As a child facilitator for children on the autism spectrum, I have spent a lot of time creating games and tools to use in the special playrooms or therapy rooms their parents create in order to help them learn how to socialize, communicate and express themselves to other people. Oftentimes, I create these games or tools specific to a child's interests and needs. I had one little girl who loved Harry Potter, which I happily share in her enthusiasm, so it was a joyful process for me to come up with a variety games based on the characters, plots, and settings of these books. Putting a focus on what interested this child, even if repeated many times, helped to draw...

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Wellnessed Boutique and Love Andrew Autism Foundation Partnership

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with the Love Andrew Autism Foundation!  The partnership between the Wellnessed Boutique and the Love Andrew Autism Foundation is a natural development that has grown out of the love and friendship between myself and Andrew and his family.   I first met Andrew when he was just 3 years old and his parents were starting a home based, child centered, play therapy program for him.  I was brought in as a play therapist to assist with his program. He was one of the most encapsulated children I had ever worked with.  Therapists and myself would rotate in and out of his playroom taking turns joining him in his world and he seemed...

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