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Wellnessed Aromatherapy Mobile Shop

On July 8th, Wellnessed Boutique was a first time exhibitor at the Shed Flea 5, Eastern Market, Detroit. . . And it was awesome! We arrived to a market buzzing with activity. The energy of the vendors setting up was contagious. The savory and sweet fragrances drifting from many food trucks was mouthwatering. While the sounds of musicians tuning various instruments created a party atmosphere. The mood was festive. Food Trucks and Entrepreneurs Food trucks offering sandwiches, beignets, cupcakes, and pasta. Produce stands piled with fresh peaches, cherries, zucchini, cucumbers, and green beans were set up between the sheds - no chance of leaving hungry!  We enjoyed a sandwich from the Hero or Villain Detroit Food Truck.  (I recommend the...

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Wellnessed Boutique Spa Night

Just before the holidays, we packed up our little boutique, and took it on the road to Canton, Ohio so that some very lucky ladies could get some pampering and experience the Wellnessed Boutique's various Sensory Products prior to purchasing. Pop Up Boutique The gracious host, Nicole, not only opened her home and turned her dining room into our pop up boutique, but also brought in a licensed massage therapist and aesthetician to provide relaxing massages and facials using our unique diffuser and rollerball blends and facial scrubs to bring harmony, energy and relaxation to Nicole's guests. The ladies were able to experience the products of their choice in an intimate and relaxed setting while having all their questions answered...

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